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19 Year Old Girl Possessed With 3 demons inside her Check out what She Did

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19 Year Old Girl Possessed With 3 demons inside her Check out what She Did

Now, I was never possessed but my sister was. She had like 3 demons inside her. Some of which stole names from evil people throughout history. Similar to Anneliese.

Before she died, she was 19 and had three demons living in her and my family suspected she actually acquired those demons through friends she hang out with .

Anyway, she ended up hanging out with the wrong people. Next thing you know, she was always breaking the law. Driving without a license, driving drunk, drug possession, prostitution, etc.

She tried killing herself many times but it never worked and each time you try asking why she wanted to take her life by herself she would say  “the devil made her do it” Hmm  God saved her those times from the devil.

She used to act weird as if the devil was controlling her. She used to always tell me to kill myself. She would always flip out and get very scared when hearing the word “Satan.” She felt extremely uncomfortable in front of the cross. Every time she went to church, she saw the devil.

She even admitted to seeing the Devil’s face on the priest every time. She never got an exorcism but eventually she got better.

(Yes, she died 4 months ago)

Initially, we thought she died by her own hand. But detectives later discovered that someone killed her because they tried to force her into sex trafficking. (Pray I don’t ever find you someday).

She had a normal brain so it’s not likely she was crazy or anything. HOWEVER; she did a lot of drugs. She tried every drug you can name. So maybe it was the drugs doing it, even when she was sober? Who knows.

I can’t believe I used to sleep under the same roof as her. Rest In Peace, baby sister. You are missed!



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