Behold The Cute Children of Late Micheal Jackson They have grown big


Behold The 3 Children of Late Micheal Jackson
Behold The 3 Children of Late Micheal Jackson They are big Boys Now

Arguably Michael Jackson is regarded as the world most famous man after Jesus Christ. His fame spans through all ages. He was born a star! Apart from his fame, Michael is recognized by the Guinness book of records as the most successful musician that has ever existed on earth.

Throughout his life time, he sold approximately 1 billion records, grossed billions of dollars in concert tickets and won every award available, making him the most awarded musician of all times.

Michael wasn’t just a musician, he was a civil rights activist. He fought and opened door for his fellow black artistes, he used his songs to unite the world and expose many atrocities committed against black people.

Michael had 3 lovely kids before he died, named: Michael Jackson Jr, Paris Jackson and Prince Michael 11.

His first two kids were born by his second wife Deborah Rowe, Who happened to be his personal doctor. Deborah Rowe treated Michael of his vitiligo disease, as times rolled by they fell in love and married in a private ceremony. She gave birth to his first born, Michael Jackson Jr in 1997 and in 1998, Paris Jackson.

He named his first son after himself and his daughter after the city she was conceived, Michael and Deborah Rowe later divorced and Deborah gave Michael full custody of the children. In 2002, his third son was born through a surrogate mother, he named him Prince Michael Jr 11, and his nickname was blanket.

After his death, his mother Catherine took full custody of the children until now they are all adults and living in their own respective mansions.

Michael jackson Jr has graduated from college, Paris is a model and an actress, Blanket who is now known as Bigi recently clocked 18 and moved into his 2 Million dollars mansion.Behold The 3 Children of Late Micheal Jackson

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