Just In: How Herdsmen Killed Elder Ozoemena in Umuekpu Agwa

Herdsmen came to my village with their cows and killed my uncle.

It is very sad to say that nigeria is no longer a country that can protect the lives of man, instead Animal are now of greater value than human.

The Fulani military men now hide under the dirty rags of Herdsmen to slaughter the Igbo/Biafran people.

I have heard thousand upon thousands of news on how the Hausa/Fulani herders  invade local communities,kill people and destroy properties  and I took it for a joke.

This is how They killed my uncle. Mazi Ozoemena Iriaka  whom we popularly know as Dey  Ozeh  is one of the community leaders in Umuekpu as a village.

Umuekpu is one of the most peaceful village in Agwa Here in Oguta local government Area of Imo state.

It happened that faithful morning when our community assembled to discuss on how to make drainage in the farm roads,  because since the beginning of the season,  rain has damaged many of the roads leading to the farms,  so we gather.

For about threes to Four farming seasons now,  the Hausa/Fulani Herdsmen and their cows has made farming miserable for us, they will take their cows to our farms where we have cash crops like yam, cassava, etc,  cows will eat everything thereby leaving farmers hopeless and frustrated.

When we got to the farm to make the drainage, sudden  the Hausa/Fulani  emerged from nowhere  with their cow.

My uncle tried Mazi Ozoemena went to to talk to them, the idea was to simply to tell them to return back or wait until the drainage digging is over.

The Hausa/fulani herdsmen pretend as it they agreed with what Mazi said then he makes to go back,  the next thing was a five straight gun shots at the old man and he died instantly.


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