Sad! Trailer Crushed Sophia into pieces,body parts littered on the road -photo


Beautiful girl in the early hours this Thursday was crushed into pieces  and her body parts littered on the ground  like pieces of meat.

It was reported that the diseased was rushing to pick up her birthday cake in Agbara, in delta state.

According to witness,  it was gathered that the accident occurred when Sophia makes to cross the express road in other to board a bus which will take her to agbara where she wants to pick her birthday cake.

But she did not take caution before crossing probably because of the excitement of the cake  before the trailer hits and sliced her body into pieces.

The sad news is not only that Sophia died  on her birthday  but she died such a painful death.

The remaining parts of her body was gathered into a bag for burial

#RIP: Sophia was crushed to pieces by a trailer as she went to get her Birthday cake in Oghara, Delta State.😭😭😭😭🙆‍♂️

photosSophia body parts

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