woman beats police officer to stupor.video

A woman dressed as Minnie Mouse has been filmed violently assaulting a Las Vegas security guard.

Shocking video was posted to Instagram and shows a woman dressed up as the beloved Disney character getting into a brawl within seconds of the pair interacting with one another on the Sin City sidewalk.

Minnie Mouse is seen to lose the head of her costume as she punches a red-headed woman who is seen to be wearing a black ‘Security’ jacket.

During the punch-up, Minnie accidentally punches a man in a Mickey costume who was attempting to pull the women apart.

A third member of the group dressed in a Goofy costume simply watches while the fracas is in full swing.

The speed at which Minnie’s fists come flying out completely caught the security lady off her guard and she quickly ended up on the floor with Minnie towering above her.

The woman appeared to be confused and bewildered by the beating.

Eventually, Minnie is pulled off the woman, who by this time is lying on the ground.

She picked up her yellow cartoon-style shoes and shouts, ‘I ain’t no b****, b****!’

Surprised onlookers managed to take video of the melee with their cellphones.

It’s not known what fight was in relation to, however the Daily News reports that the two women had been shouting at one another for some time before the punches flew.

As the fight finally ends, the man dressed as Mickey can be seen picking up both the Mickey and Minnie heads off the floor before walking off.

A spokesman for Las Vegas Metropolitan Police told said: ‘We are looking into the matter and trying to identify the suspect.’

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