Yam with 5 Toes just like human surfaces online- video



Who on this earth would like to eat this kind of yam?

A video trending on social media revealed the photo of a yam that has exactly five toes like human.

This yam was harvested about few days ago in a farm land and no one wants to dare eating it.

This yam has drawn too many attention as some are afraid to put it on fire as food.

It has exactly the shape of a human leg with five toes, well arranged like that of a real human leg.

Each toe looks bigger and smaller than the others but the head thereof is of the same as Normal yam.

Some of the villagers where this yam was harvested claimed that ‘ it was the foot of their ancestors.

Yawabase.com in our own research,  we considered this yam as the weirdest yam ever seen in the world as no one has come to testify of seeing such before.

Watch the moment it was harvested

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