OMG! Man Arrested for Impregnating 9 Beautiful ladies in one month



Man arrested for impregnating 9 women at once. This man must be a horse in human appearances.


A facebook user took to his handle to share a photo he got from someone.

The Man anonymous  is seen surrendered by 9 women of different shapes , complexion, height and tribe.

According to the facebook user,  it was accounted that the man got the 9 ladies pregnant almost in the same month, some are expectant mother.

Unarguably, one would wonder how he managed to perform this magic of lowering 9 different ladies down to the bed and had canal knowledge of them all.



Spectators blames the ladies for making themselves cheap and invaluable before a common man,  while some in their own opinion said that the man is to be blamed.

But I’m in my own opinion to say that you could be the best judge.

Drop your comments on who’s to be blame.



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