Juju Shrine Burnt to Ashes in Awkuzu, See What I found there

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Juju shrine has flamed up and raised to dust.

Who can battle with the Lord? The answer is capital “No Body’.

yawabase.com stumbled upon a scene ,somewhere in Awkuzu in oyi local government Anambra state where a man rented a room very close to where children of God gather for fellowship .

We learnt that the juju man rented a room  at Joneb Holiday-In Hotel but to the shock of others tenants that the room was converted into a shrine.

But this faithful Sunday, while  children of God were praying at other extension of the building,  the shrine caught fire and burns to ashes.

When yawabase.com reporter got to the scene ,we found many things that words cannot say.


We found countless photos of young men, padlocks and mini caskets.

According to one of the tenants,  he narrated how the juju priest conducts rituals and charms for young girls,  especially those one who are looking for boyfriends and husband.

He also disclosed that the man usually bath the girls in the night and sleep with them on several occasions all in the name of prayer


Another tenant told us that,  the man rented the room but does not live there,  he only use it as a shrine but people don’t know,


He doesn’t sleep here,  he lives at Awka and comes here whenever he has spiritual works to do for the girls.

I believe it was the heat of Prayers by those fellowship people that burnt the shrine, because the fire started immediately they summarized their prayers, He Added.

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