Video: Two Teenagers Busted [email protected] Down Enjoying Themselves in A Mall.

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Two Teenagers Busted [email protected] Down
Video: Two Teenagers Busted [email protected] Down Enjoying Themselves in A Mall.

Puberty stage often makes teenagers go gaga, wanting to try all manner of things. Those that are from loose homes are exposed to early and unprotected s.c.x which may lead to them contacting diseases and even pregnancy.

In a new video making waves online, a security man caught two teenagers p.a.n.t down enjoying themselves at a shopping mall’s washroom in Lusaka Zambia.

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Interestingly, the incident happened at 3pm in the afternoon while business was ongoing.

According to reports, the security man heard multiple screaming coming from the mall’s washroom only for him to be shocked at what he saw.

An eyewitness revealed that the security man was shocked upon seeing what the teenagers were doing on a braod day light.

It was as if they wanted to be caught with all the screaming and noise making coming from a moment of enjoyment.

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They were reportedly handed over to the police.

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