Man Invites Strippers to Perform at His Wedding -Watch Video

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Interestingly the World has drawn together to summary as many strange but true things continues to unleash themselves and humans are very much comfortable with it.

God forbid !

There are so many bizarre things happening all over the world at all times but some are hard to believe even though it falls under the category of strange.

During the wedding ceremony of a man, he thought it wise to bring a couple of strippers to his wedding grounds to entertain the guests.

The strippers performed in a cage in the middle of the reception grounds as other people dance the tune of the music.

This has never happened before in the history of man , some spectators are of the opinion that the bride or the groom maybe is a retired stripper or a pornographic movie star.

It is only on these conditions that one would summon such  courage to comfortably vomit this abominable.

Anyone present in the wedding is as guilty as as Criminal because only birds of the same feather flock together.


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