ABOMINATION! 19-Year-Old Boy Impregnated His Mother During A Love Charm Test

ABOMINATION!!! 19-Year-Old Boy Impregnated His Mother While Testing A Love Charm

Wonders shall never end,  children of this generation are provoking God to anger and all these things are signs of the end time.

A 19 Year old boy Has been arrested by the villagers after he impregnated his mother with charm.

This happened When he went a juju priest to collect a love charm which he intends to use on young girls in the school But Because he failed the instructions of the juju priest so it backfired on him.

He brought the charm home and when he was beginning to doubt if it would actually work, he decided to test it on his mother to see how effective it would be not knowing that it would result to something terrible.

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When he tried the charm on his mother she fell for it and he also lost control over it, the mother said that she didn’t know what happened or how it happened but all she can say or remembered was that she saw someone who looked like her son walking into her room at the late hours of the day, she was speechless and couldn’t do anything as he laid with her and it resulted to her being pregnant.


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