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Headmistress Mistakenly upload her N#kkd video to Public WhatsApp group -Watch live

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Headmistress Mistakenly Upload her N#k#d video to Public WhatsApp group [Watch live


A Headmistress of Chila Primary School in kumasi, Ghana says she’s heartbroken and feels like tak!ng her life after she mistakenly sent her pvte video to the teacher’s forum WhatsApp group.

“Am heartbroken and feel like killing myself. Please forestall sharing my video”, she advised instructors who

visited  her house early yesterday, but it was too late, the v!deo has already spread like a virus and we’ve had our own share of it.

Yesterday, she told police that she did not deliberately send her prvte video to the teachers’ group, but we all know that is a story for the gods.

The Headmistress had pleaded with all bloggers and social media users to delete the video but we say it’s all cock’n’Bull stories meant for the gods and her ancestors.


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We keep warning guys and girls out there, don’t attempt to make these kinds of videos except you have agreed to delete it immediately after watching it.



we have the video here but don’t ever share it to other people since she have apologied of us.


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Headmistress Mistakenly Sends her N#k#d video to public WhatsApp group [Watch live   YOUTUBE






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