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I Killed Prophet TB Joshua In A Spiritual Battle

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Spiritualist Explains Why He Killed TB Joshua

Since the sudden death of Prophet TB Joshua of the synagogue church of all nation, many claims has sprung up some said they are responsible for his death and netizen have no doubt after all who would you ask, the dead does not speak.

A very popular Ghanaian juju priest as boasted on social media claiming that we was responsible for the death of the innocent prophet.

Nana Kwaku Bonsam is a strong and powerful traditional priest, who always indulge in one controversy to the other.

The powerful priest in a viral video claimed he is responsible for the death of TB Joshua founder of synagogue church of all nations.

TB Joshua died in the late hours of Saturday June 5, after concluding a short sermon held in his church.

Reacting to his death, the Ghanaian most powerful spiritualist Dr Nana Kwaku Bonsam, says he killed popular Nigeria Prophet TB Joshua because the man of God was attacking him in the spirit after he accused him (TB Joshua) of killing Ghana’ s former president John Evans Attah Mills.

In a recent video sighted on social media, the spiritualist claim he visited the Pope of Roman Catholic Church in Rome Italy, where he sort for permission to killed TB Joshua.

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He again added that, he is very happy to kill the man of God, because that’ s a revenge for the death of President Mills.

Nana Kweku Bonsam has been fighting pastors, Men Of God, and other christian leaders, tagging them as fake, greedy and cheating the ordinary people by selling Anointing oils, Anointing water and so on to enriched themselves.

He also accused them of using black magic to decieve the people.

This is not the first time, Kwaku Bonsam is in the news for this type of allegations. he once dares Ghanaian Prophet known as Obinim to challenge him if he (Obinim) is indeed a true Man Of God.

The situation get worst when the spiritualist sets a day for the battle, which Prophet Obinim failed to show up, hence he declared himself as the winner of the competition.

Below is a video of how Kweku Bonsam once clash with TB Joshua.





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