Justin Wellington – Island Girl Lyrics,Mp3/Mp4

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Justin Wellington – Island Girl Lyrics,Mp3/Mp4



J.W. (Is-land-girl)
J.W. (Is-land-girl)
She don’t care about money
She don’t dream about gold
But the one thing that she really needs
Is somebody to hold
She got genuine beauty

And a natural glow
She’s the sweetest thing I’d never find
She don’t even know
I don’t know why this girl
She wonder why she mean a thing
But she can do anything
She my treasure, my everything
One of a kind of girl
She’ll never ask for anything
But she’ll always give everything
She’s the one I’m searching for
Island girl

Will you be my shelter?
Island girl
You the one I’m after
I’ve been through oceans
To find me, find you
Island girl

She always cares for her family
Got their back when it counts
She gives that unconditional love
They can’t do without
Through all of the world
There’s no one other…

Justin Wellington – Island Girl





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