Kanayo O Kanayo Is Truly A Ritualist Watch Video of how He was Exposed


Some netizens have reacted to a video of Kanayo O. Kanayo showing off a bundle of money that he and his men will spray at Obi Cubana  mother’s burial.

In the video, Kanayo O. Kanayo showed off money that he and his men will spray on Obi Cubana as they try to wipe away his tears while he buries his mother and some netizens have reacted to the video badly.

One particular comment that got our attention was a netizen saying only a mumu will pick money that is been sprayed by Kanayo O. Kanayo because they believe it’s blood money and he has used people for sacrifice to acquire wealth

Kanayo O. Kanayo on countless occasions has said that the fact that he acts as a bloodsucker or someone who uses others for money in movies doesn’t mean he does the same in real life but some people seem not to understand.

This particular comment comes from someone who believes the money Kanayo O. Kanayo is going to spray at the burial is blood money

After the burial and the money shows at Oba a video surfaced on social media showing the moment Kanayo O Kanayo was seen doing fetish things in where looks like a secret shrine.

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