See What Nobody discovered about Obi Cubana Wife During The Burial

Welcome back again,  I will be sharing with you few things no one actually discovered about Obi Cubana Beautiful wife during the burial of his mother.

Unarguably, no one has talked about or is talking about  the beautiful queen Obi cubana planted in his palace and the reason  is simply because  people are still carried away by the money rain and colourful parade of the Billionaires during the Burial party

In my previous post Check Here. We showed the photo collections of cubana and his adorable wife as the match the floor.

Few thing you have not noticed or people are not talking about is that Cubana wife is more than adorable, and she was so lucky to have married such a very wealthy man.

Secondly, her attire during the burial is second to none, she looked so beautiful with the dress she put on.

Details shows that her dressing for the burial cost about N500,000

Watch Romantic Video Here



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