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Tiger Woods dead or alive
A damaged car is lying in the hill side in the Rancho Palos Verdes section of Los Angeles,

Tiger Woods Dead or not Dead

There are rumors all over the world that the world golf champion” Tiger Woods is dead.

Could it be true or just a rumor? Because it was reported few days ago the Tiger Woods was involved I’m an auto crash somewhere at California U. S. A which left him. Unrecognizable.

Did he die from the accident  Or did he survived  it?  Let’s not jump into conclusion yet because there are other CNN and BBC  will have better things to say about that.

Tiger Woods did not die in any auto accident  but report according to SkySports  News explain that Tiger Woods was badly injured

Tiger Woods injured in serious car crash in California

Skyspots Agent: “Tiger Woods was in a single-car accident this morning in California where he suffered multiple leg injuries. He is currently in surgery”; Injuries described as “non life-threatening” by Sheriff’s department; CNN later reported Woods’ condition as “serious”
By Keith Jackson

Tiger Woods Dead or not Dead

Aerial footage of Tiger Woods’ accident shows a car on its side with the front end heavily damaged, while the airbags appeared to be deployed and the wreckage appeared to be just off the side of a road on a hillside

CNN  direct reports       Carlos Gonzalez, the Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy who first arrived at the scene of Tiger Woods’ crash, said Woods was not able to stand on his own, but he was “lucid and calm.”

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Tiger Woods Feared Dead after an Auto Crash In California – Photos

Gonzalez said Woods was in the driver’s seat. Because of his condition, Gonzalez said he determined that it would be safer to wait for the fire department to arrive instead of trying to remove Woods from the car himself.

“I asked what his name was, he told me his name was Tiger. And at that moment I immediately recognized him. I asked him if he knew where he was, what time of day, to make sure he was oriented. He seemed as though he was lucid and calm,” Gonzalez said.
He said that he saw that Woods was hurt, but he wasn’t surprised by his behavior.

As at the moment of filling this report, Tiger Woods could not utter a word to the media personalities present because of his condition

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