Tiger Woods Feared Dead after an Auto Crash In California – Photos

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Tiger Woods injured in serious car crash in California

Agent: “Tiger Woods was in a single-car accident this morning in California where he suffered multiple leg injuries. He is currently in surgery”; Injuries described as “non life-threatening” by Sheriff’s department; CNN later reported Woods’ condition as “serious”
By Keith Jackson

Aerial footage of Tiger Woods’ accident shows a car on its side with the front end heavily damaged, while the airbags appeared to be deployed and the wreckage appeared to be just off the side of a road on a hillside

As at the moment of filling this report, Tiger Woods could not utter a word to the media personalities present because of his condition.

He was taken to the hospital and CNN news reporter has revealed that his condition could be worse .

Tiger Woods feared dead in auto crash
Tiger Woods auto crash left him lifeless

It was later reported by CNN that his condition is living fans and family members without any hope.

Quick information about Tiger Woods 

He got really rich playing golf; he got very wealthy with endorsements based on his golf playing.

Tiger Woods auto crash left him lifeless
Photo captured during a golf tournament

Mr. Brons earlier put up a nice chart showing some of his sponsors’ dollars. Before he ever struck a shot as a professional, Nike had signed him to a 5-year $40 million dollar deal. That morphed into a 5-year $100 million deal, and then there was an extension in 2006 for which the numbers aren’t readily available, but just imagine it as more than $100 million considering where Tiger was in the golf world at that time. He signed one more deal with Nike in 2013. So there has been at least $250–300 million JUST with Nike.

Plus so many other sponsors – Gatorade, Tag Heuer, Rolex, GM, EA Sports, NetJets, Titleist, Acura, and so on. And now Bridgestone and Taylor Made too.

Here’s an idea: in 2012, Tiger Woods made $86 million dollars. $77 million was off the course. And that was just one year. And after all the scandal…


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